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Our Story

My Design Build started originally as a design company, with countless clients thrilled with the designs that were crafted for them. However, they mostly all ran into the same issue – finding a contractor that could deliver the design accurately. After hearing countless stories of our clients having difficulty finding the right contractor, we decided to step in and provide a one stop shop solution. Our designers and contractors work in-house to ensure nothing is missed along the way, we ensure complete accuracy from conception to construction. With an office showroom, certified design experts, and a great management team to back you, we will create the build you’ve been waiting to have.

A one-stop-shop, we offer all types of services!

What makes us unique from others?

Full Service

We can do so much for your home. Call to ask about any renovation and we'll tell you how we can help.

Fixed Pricing

We stick to the numbers that appeared on your proposal. Our customers never see "surprise" charges.

Special Financing

Financing can make amazing renovations possible at even the tightest budgets. Call to find out if you can qualify.

Dedicted PM

Work with one of our expert project menagers throughout the entire build!

Unbiased Advice

We want you to have the home you want and we won't pressure you to change your plans for our convenience.


We're here to answer all of your questions before, during and after the build.

Quick Responses

Expect a fast response when you call today, and whenever you have questions after we're started.

Design Centre

Enjoy 3D renders and a rich selection of textures and materials courtesy of our design centre!

2-5-10 Warranty

We're confident in our work, but you're still protected by one of the industry's best warranties.

Our Process

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Step 1: Design

During phase one of our process, you’ll get to work with our professional design team. Backed by 3D rendering software, an in-house showroom, and a dedicated design specialist, rest assured you will find the design phase both a breeze and a relief. Not sure what you’re looking for? No problem! A lot of exciting things are constantly happening in the world of home design and our designers know all about them. We’ll guide you through classic designs and all that’s trending until you find something that’s right for you. Nothing moves forward until you’re 100% ready to say I’m ready for My Design Build.
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Step 2: Plan

After the design phase is over we head onto scheduling. Custom tailored to your needs, a dedicated project manager will come up with a detailed schedule and a guaranteed delivery date. You never have to worry about a job being complete in time for you to move in or prepare for a special event! Once we have the perfect plan in place for executing your project, we move onto our next and final stage.
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Step 3: Build

This is where it all comes together. Once we begin we are there every day until the project is complete, with a guaranteed delivery date, and a locked down design, nothing can go wrong with our dedicated expert team. Our job is incomplete until we hear you say,
“I absolutely love my design build”.

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Why Choose Us

Award winning renovation company
Award winning renovation company
free consult
Free consultations and design
We treat your home as if its our own, with respect
Your dedicated designer will have a degree in interior design
Guaranteed price
Price match guarantee
Fixed pricing
Fixed pricing
Builder license
Your dedicated project manager will have a builders license
Green building
Green building practices
Guaranteed schedule
Locally sourced materials
Locally sourced materials